Friday 15 September 2017

Fantastic acknowledgement

Knocking around the states in this unusual choice of wagon has without a doubt brought pleasure to many that see it. People stop me at gas stations, parking lots, traffic lights; I've even been stopped by coppers before now just to learn about the car, why it's here and how I did it.

But when I read this article (below), it really did make me smile. Such a charming acknowledgement to the hard work of myself and my friends.

Chris Pollit, I thank you for telling the world and am pleased that another voyeur could express their happiness is the crazy adventures of the lucky black cat :)

Link to article

Friday 8 September 2017

This is it. The REMAKE.

The remake
20 years since airing on television for the first time, I am proud to present; 'The Remake'.

Celebrating 20 years of Ian Callum's legendary Ford Puma and one of the most iconic television advertisements ever thanks to StreetlightUK. 

The Remake

The Remake with comparison

Credits to follow...

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Magazine article

So during my travels, I contacted an online magazine produced by time Inc for the Ford motor company. I gave a brief synopsis of my story with a few pictures and learn behold, I was contacted by the editor.

After a lengthy conversation with Jordan and then journalist Chris Warren, an article has come to fruition. 

I'm really proud of this and will contact Jordan as soon as the remake of the commercial is finished.

In the meantime, please have a read and enjoy.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

San Francisco

Feature film:

The final leg of the journey. Arriving in San Francisco was going to be on the Chevening I thought I'd never make.

After thousands of miles and countless adventures, we were nearly there. With just a couple of hundred miles to go The country declined in altitude swiftly and I went from over 5000 feet to sealevel in just a few hours.

Completing the documentary has been eye-opening itself. Even if nothing came of it (professionally), it has been the most incredible experience to capture and document the world first using nothing but a couple of archaic iPhones, some cheap lenses, regular car phone holder and a selfie stick.

Thank you for following my journey; especially those that took interest from the beginning and a very special hello to those I met along the way that have followed since.

The images will come in this post but for now, please click the link above and enjoy the final episode of the documentary;

The Lucky Black Cat



Thursday 15 December 2016

Television appearance

Hi all!

I just so happened to be invited onto a show in California to talk about the journey with legendary David Perry on his show 10 per Cent. 

Here is the link to the appearance:

For those that have stumbled across the blog keen to view some (or all) of the documentary, please follow this link:

The final episode is still being edited, as is the commercial remake - but follow the blog or YouTube channel and you'll get a notification :)

Thanks all!

Tuesday 29 November 2016


Feature film:

Reno. The second to last destination.

I spent my time here in a political capacity rather than spending time photographing the car, but I did get a couple of shots. 

By night

By day

Looking pretty before the final leg of the journey...

My hotel